I purchased a plot of land from a dealer who having collected full payment from me resold the same plot of land to another buyer. The case was taken to court. But when I came to the Church service on Sunday and heard an inspiring message on faith in Global Message of Hope Mission, my faith went up and I believed in my heart that God would restore the land to me despite the fact that the case was still pending judgment in court. Much to my expectation, I received a call that I should come and take back my land. Praise God.

– Sister Esther Ejiaku.

A brother who wasn’t paying his tithes was taught and encouraged to pay his tithes regularly: as he began to pay his tithes the debt and interest he was owing was cancelled by the person he owed.

I used to have a very sharp waist pain that made me not to be able to sleep in the night particularly when it is raining. After prayers, for the past six months now I observed that the waist pain has left my body completely.

By word of knowledge, our Pastor while ministering declared that five people were going to have promotion and I claimed the promotion by faith. After that, when I got to the office I received a promotion letter even though I was previously told that I was not due for promotion. This is the doing of the Lord. Thank you Lord Jesus.

– Theodore Nwaofor.

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