GLOBAL MESSAGE OF HOPE MISSION IS INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY AND INTERCESSORY ORGANISATION We are established as “A DOOR OF FAITH AND A VISION” to help people globally realise their hopes in Christ through power praying, preaching the word of faith and demonstrating the Spirit and Power of God.. We also undertake Compassion and Hope Services… (See Hope and Touch Life Ministry). Click here know more about our Compassion and Hope Services programme and to register free for our Compassion and Hope Services and you shall be contacted …. Click here to register free for our upcoming

SPECIAL EVENT – “ABUNDANT LIFE PRAYER CONFERENCE”, from January 9 to 11, 2015 Click here to see details on our regular weekly programme – PRAY FOR THE NATIONS and YOU. Click here for PARTNERS REGISTRATION We give life to people and to their HOPES to produce joy in them and thanksgiving to God. Whatever you hoped for in Christ, no matter how long you might have waited for it to manifest; maybe you are even fainting already in your hope, God has given us His Grace, Wisdom and Power to inject life into your [dead] hope and cause it to bring forth fruits and results so that your joy may be full in Christ. There is always a lively word from the Lord to cause your hope to come alive and yield the desired results. That is what we do and that is what Global Message of Hope Mission (GMHM) stands for. Our worship centres are called globally FAITH MIRACLE CENTRES: We walk by faith and live by the faith of Christ, for that is what pleases the Lord. Faith is that substance you are hoping for and Global Message of Hope Mission is a door the Lord has opened through which one can enter in and get the Faith needed to receive the substance he or she is hoping for. And Christ is the Anchor of our Hope. We know and believe that God has qualified us to share in the abundance of His inheritance for His holy people in the Kingdom of light. For this, we praise Him evermore with Joy always. He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of His dear Son Jesus Christ whom He loves so much and through Him, God has extended that same love to us all by forgiving our sins and making us sons of God.

Our Commission: – Make the Lord known to all, even in high places. – Raise all sons of God that know who they are in Christ. – Give all the Faith of Christ by giving them the word of faith. – Show all how to use their faith to receive from the Lord their hopes and desires for with God all things are possible. – Demonstrate the miraculous through the power of the Holy Spirit and bring glory to the name of the Lord.