Hope & Touch Life Ministry
This is a welfare arm of the mission that cares and supplies the physical needs of the needies. We care for widows and visit orphanages with donations. Your support and donations are highly welcome to expand our reach; and trust the Lord for bountiful rewards and blessings.
Children care & Ministry

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Music and Choir
Missions & Outreaches
Kingdom Builders & Volunteers
Glory & Intereccessory Team
Friendship Team

The Friendship team is designed to bring hope to the people in the Friendship teams. It is designed to restore Hope, Joy and Connectivity with one another. This means to encourage friendly fellowship that promotes help and trust among brethren but is rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ as the anchor of our souls – Hebrew 6:19. In summary, the friendship team is designed to fulfil the following hopes: •Hope of making many the friends of the Lord Jesus – that way, the people will develop more trust and hope in the Lord Jesus as their only good Shepherd who can supply all their needs since other people and source of hope will certainly fail (John 10:11). •Hope of teaching people how to communicate with the Lord Jesus through His Holy Spirit – that way, they can learn how to pray and have fellowship with Him, knowing Him deeper and better. •Hope of bringing more believers and unbelievers into the friendship teams and turn them into friends and lovers of the Lord Jesus. John 15:16. This is maturing them in the love of God. •Hope of making the entire Global Message of Hope Mission a friendship Church; that way, the Church can influence her environment for Christ and the friendship teams become outreach arms to draw many to Christ. These are the works of the leaders of the friendship teams to make these hopes happen.