Prophecy About You In Year 5779

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint (Isaiah 40: 31)

Child of God, the glory of the Lord has rested upon you. This prophecy is about you. Look at the storm and look at the eagle. I open your eyes to see and understand by the authority in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

What will the eagle do in the storm?

Child of God, hear ye the word of the Lord; you are an eagle in the storm; watch this, you are an eagle in the storm; fly higher. God has sent me to prophesy over you and His people to fly higher with Him in the storm, for these are the days of storms but He has given you the wings of the eagle to fly higher.

On the18th day of September, 2018, the word of the Lord came to me saying,

“Prophesy son, prophesy. Say to the nations, My storm, My eagle, My storm, My eagle. My eagle shall fly above the storm, above the storm, above the storm, above the storm, above the storm, for there shall be storms. There shall be storms, storms, railing tempests; there shall be storms but my eagles have the wings to fly above the storm and in it and come out without being hurt.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am raising My eagles to fly above the storm, to fly with Me, to fly with My Glory above the storm, above the storm, above the storm, above the storm, for I have set My storm and I have set My eagles to fly above the storm, saith the Spirit of the Lord.

Yes! Prophesy son, there shall be storms but My eagles shall fly above the storm. They shall soar high. They shall soar with the storm and they shall learn how to fly higher with the storm; they shall learn how to fly. They shall not give up. They shall overcome the storm. They shall overcome the storms for my eagles shall fly above the storms, saith the Lord, for there are storms. There are mighty storms, there are great storms in diverse places of the earth.

Yes! yes! I saw storms. I saw the waves; I saw the rumblings and tumbling of the storms in the seas as if it were a tsunami with windy and cloudy skies. Oh! With the waves overturning and here are the eagles flying in it; undaunted, moving higher and higher. And as they flew over the storm, the storms were put to rest. The storms were put to rest, the storms subside. And I saw, that as the eagles moved from the north to the south, the storms subsided from the west towards the east.

This is the vision of the Almighty God revealed to me today, the 18th day of September 2018. For the storms shall be put off by the wings of My eagles, for my eagles are coming from the north and flying towards the south and the wind from the west shall blow over the storm, and the storm shall recede towards the east; and as the eagles keep on advancing, the wind from their wings shall stop the storm and bring calmness to the seas, saith the Lord. But My eagles must fly and learn how to fly even higher in the storm, for it is the wind from their wings, yes, that puts the storms to rest, saith the Spirit. It is spoken this day, the 18th day of September 2018 to you My son.

Fly with the storm, fly with Me in glory, fly with My glory. That is the glory that I showed you, fly. Fly, for this day, your salvation has come.

Fly! Oh ye My people, fly! Fly for your salvation has come. You shall not be stopped by the storm. I have given you eagle wings, eagle wings to fly higher and be strengthened in might and power, for you have been made for this hour. You are resilient, you are strong, saith the Almighty God. You are strong, you are strong, you are not ordinary. Fly with My glory, for this day your salvation has come.

Learn to fly, for without your flight, there will be higher storms. But your flight will put the storms away, saith the Lord. Fly, My children fly! Fly from the north towards the South with Me for I dwell in the north. I dwell in Mount Zion and as it is written, “Mount Zion is on the side of the north the city of the great King”. The city of the great King is on the north. The city of the great King is on the north and I am the great King, saith the Lord.

Fly from the north to the south with the eagles, with the eagle’s wings that I have given you by staying with Me in Mount Zion. Fly! For your eagles are released to fly with you, saith the Lord. Fly, fly, fly x4 above the storm. Fly, fly! Hey!

When the ocean rise, soar with Me above the storm. For I am the King over the storm.

[Then, I said to the King], Your glory is real to Me when I am above the storm. Lord, cause me to fly and fly higher.

Jesus says, Fly!  I say to the Lord, Let’s go! I have seen your glory. Your glory is changing my life. Your glory is changing my world. Your glory is bringing light to my world. Your glory is on the move. Yes, cause me to move with your glory.

Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord as You cause me to fly more with you above the storm, for you are the King above the storm. I will just soar with you. [Then], I soared with the Lord, with the eagle’s wings. [And He said to me], You are unstoppable. You are unstoppable because I am unstoppable, saith the Lord.

Child of God, You are unstoppable. [Shout], “I am unstoppable. I fly above the storm. The roaring of the sea and the wave cannot stop me”. [Thank You Jesus!]

[Then the Lord said], There shall be great storm. There shall be a roaring [tempest] and the welling of the seas. The sea shall show its power this year. The ocean shall roar and tumble; and there shall be great and mighty waves and fear in the sea to the oceaners but those who have learnt to soar with me shall be calm; there shall be calm; there shall be calm; there shall not be moved, saith the Lord for I am soaring with them.

I am soaring with them in the mighty storm: in the wave, in the cloudy atmosphere, I remain God for ever. I remain God. I remain God. I teach My people how to soar, for soaring shall be the order of the day going forward. You must learn how to soar.  You must learn how to soar. Soar with Me! Soar with Me, for I have stretched forth My wings over you, that you will arise and mount up with the wings and soar with Me, says the Lord. Yours is to arise and mount up with the wings as the eagle and soar with Me, saith the Spirit of the Almighty God. Thank You Jesus.

How else will My children survive in these stormy days without My eagle wings? And I say to My people, these are the days of eagles. This is your day! The eagles will soar over the storm for I will soar with them and help them to overcome their storms, saith the Spirit of the Lord.

Let My children know that these are the stormy days. These are the stormy days. These are the stormy days but I am raising a people that will soar with the storm, for the storms reveal My glory. Yes, My Glory.

My Glory is turbulent in this season before it becomes calm because this is the season to overthrow and shake the powers of hell and show them who I am. That is My Glory at work. I have spoken it. See what I have done, for I have done it already.

There will be mighty storms and now hear the voice of the Spirit, I have spoken these things to you Ezimah Oden. See, the calmness before you, that is what will be, even though is still cloudy but let My people know and see that these are the days that I am closer to them than ever before. The cloudy storms and atmosphere are everywhere but you will see that My light will bring that calmness and peace in that cloudy atmosphere, and that cloud will clear, for the storms shall soon be over.

The storm shall soon be over, saith the Lord, for I have spoken it and it is done. You will see it. My children, be strong and be courageous for I am with you and learn how to soar with Me. Thank You Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Wait on Me so that I will strengthen your wings like the eagle’s so that you can fly with Me, for I am making you strong and resilient, oh My people, much more than the demands of the world and the storms. You are stronger than the world and the storms, for the world shall give way because of the power of my glory that is brooding on the sea and on the oceans to announce my arrival, that I have come, the Most High for My children. For their salvation, deliverance, healing and restorations, I have come.

There shall be a shaking, there shall be storms, there shall be waves and there shall be tides but learn to soar with Me for I am your God. I know you by name and none of your hair shall drop without My permission, saith the Spirit, for I know each one of your hair.

What a great God! What an awesome God!

I know what is going on in the world: I know the move of the new dimension of waves that I am bringing into this world, bringing into California, bringing into the seas; I am bringing, I am bringing waves, I am bringing. I am bringing storms, I am bringing, but you will soar with Me. You will soar with Me. I will preserve you.

Soar with Me My people. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be afraid for it is the time to learn how to soar; the earlier the better. Wait upon Me and wait upon Me and hear My voice so that you can receive wisdom and power to soar in the storm, for I am God.

I tell you these things before they happen, for there is a raging tempest about to hit the earth than you have ever known or seen, saith the Spirit of the Lord. It shall be world over. It shall be world over. It shall be world over. All at the same time but the time shall be short. The time shall be short, to announce My arrival that this earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

The power of hell has been subdued and confounded. And great confusion in their camp for which they will not know how. Yes, the earth shall tremble at My voice. The oceans shall react for I am the Lord over the seas and over the oceans, saith the Lord.

I have spoken these things again. Announce to My people and show them the way of salvation, the path of righteousness and the way to soar with Me over the storms, for I have trained your feet and your eyes to see the storms; your feet to walk in the storm and soar higher, saith the Lord, saith the Lord, saith the Lord. Thank You Jesus! Hmmmm! Thank You Jesus.

I transmit grace to everyone under the sound of my voice that heareth this prophecy. Receive grace, receive wisdom, receive enablement to soar with the Lord.

Wait on the Lord.

I demand that your ears be opened and understanding be given to you and your heart receive these things and propagate it; and tell many of those you move with who are believers that the Lord is nigh and is fighting their battles. They should draw nearer to Jesus and worship Him and stay at His feet and receive their eagle’s wings to fly for they shall be storm, saith the Lord.

I bless you in His name. Thank You Father! Thank You Lord! We have been instructed, empowered and lifted by You wings to fly. Amen! Halleluiah! Amen! Glory to God in the Highest

What a mighty God we serve! There is no God like You. A loving Father! The precious One that died for us. It is our time to fly. Amen!

Bishop Oden, PhD, is a Glory Maker and a Glory Intercessor, with deep prophetic insights in the mysteries of God. He is the superintendent of Global Message of Hope Mission International, Calgary- Canada and has published twenty books. He is charged with raising Glory Army of Believers and Intercessors for the Lord Jesus Christ, equipping this generation across denominational boundaries, creating wealth and abundance and restoring life, hope and joy.

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