Introducing The High Impact Glory Team

“…the LORD shall utter His voice before His army: for His camp is very great: for He is strong that executeth His word: for the day of the LORD is great …” (Joel 2: 11).

Have you been desirous of being used of God; of affecting your world for Christ Jesus; of being in control of your world or of being among those who determine the course of God’s purposes in your world? Here is your opportunity to fulfil your godly desire. Join our High Impact Glory Team (HI-Glory Team).

The HI-Glory Team is a trained Army of believers in Christ with a mission to impact churches, families, cities and communities through power praying.  It is an army of anointed and graced believers for “Recovery, Expansion and Prosperity Services” (REPS) in the kingdom of God. Members are being imparted by the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ to make impact in their worlds. Their work is a work of grace through faith to make our world (- families, churches, cities and communities) glorious. Their graceful work includes:

  1. Make Christ Jesus known and make our world glorious by getting involved in power “Prayer, Evangelisation and Discipleship” (PED) through networking.
  2. Stir up the Mighty Outpouring through prayers to impact our lands (-families, cities and villages) and take-it-over for Jesus Christ.
  3. Stir up the Wealth-Transfer through prayers to impact our economy and take-it-over for Jesus Christ.
  4. Subdue powers, open up destinies and restore all losses through prayers – lost souls, lost glory and economic losses (1 Samuel 30: 7 – 10).
  5. Remove obstacles (mountains, valleys …) on your path to glory, so that you can lay hold on your inheritance in Christ.

The Holy Spirit has revealed that through the HI-Glory Team’s anointed works of grace, the glory of God shall be revealed in lives, families, churches, cities and communities. Praise God!

You can become a member today and be imparted to impact your family and community for Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Registration is FREE! To register in the HI- Glory Team, click on this link send an email to saying, “Register me”. Remember to include your name, city and country of residence in your email. This is to enable us assign you an appropriate time of impartation and training.


  1. Read and meditate on Haggai 2: 6 – 9: This is God’s set time of manifesting the surpassing Glory of the latter house – pray about becoming a part of the Lord’s army that will cause this to happen this season. This is your invitation to become!
  2. Visit our High Impact Glory Team’s website:  click this link.
  3. You are blessed and highly favoured: Jesus Loves You & We Care!

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