The New Prophetic Era


(Bishop Ezimah Oden)

The essence of prophecy is to create hope, comfort, exhortation and edification (1 Corinthians 14: 3 – 4). It is to give you divine agenda and direction, so that you will know what is coming and be prepared for it ahead of time, like Noah. “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith” (Hebrews 11: 7).

We have entered a NEW ERA; it is not just a new year – it is the new era of “Surpassing Glory that Excels All”. From now, it is from Glory to Glory. How ever you are now, is the least you shall ever be if you are of God.

The glory of this era is the “Glory of the Latter House” (Haggai 2: 9: The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts”). The latter house is the Sanctuary of God in heaven (Psalms 102: 19).

The people of God on earth are in their set time of greatest favour.Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come…. When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory. He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer”.  (Psalms 102: 13 and 16 -17).

Year 2018 is going to be the year of the Messiah – the King of Israel. God will save, deliver, heal, provide and help His people. Because of what is coming upon the earth, the world will cry for a Saviour – a Messiah (Zechariah 12: 10).

God is starting this new era with year 2018 by Himself stepping into the earth realm to help His people. It is certain that someone will leave the heaven and enter into the earthly atmosphere this year in the spirit. The Messiah shall come to the earth in 2018; He will come by His Spirit as the Word of God, who was incarnated in Jesus Christ and called the Son of God.

We have known God as the Father, as Jesus the Son of God and as the Holy Spirit. There will be a lot of emphasis in knowing God as the Word of God and as Messiah – the King of kings, who fights our battles, (Jehovah Sabaoth), to save and deliver His people and their heritage (for we are His heritage on earth).

God will show Himself as the Most High, who rules in the affairs of men (Dan 4: 17, 25), for anyone that touches His people touches the apple of His eyes (Zech. 2: 8), says the Spirit of the Lord. He is come down again, in the spirit, to fight for His people and restore peace to us, here on earth.

There will be a sudden rush of the Spirit from the heaven unto the earth following the voice of declaration of His word on earth, for the salvation and deliverance of His people.

Let hope arise in you; let your knees be bent in prayer and let your voice be empowered and not shuddered (- tremble and shake as a result of fear). We need men to stand in prayer, we need women to cry out and we need nations to arise and embrace the music of the Spirit that has been sung unto this generation, that this generation will know that, it is the chosen generation, saith the Spirit of God (Zephaniah 3: 17).

[I believe, the music of the Spirit is love, prayer, mercy and grace sung in the language of the Spirit.]


Year 2018 is going to be a year of violence and confusion, for there is already a stage set for these. The powers that rule the earth shall be confused and confounded. Satan shall be confused and will react through violence, looking for who he may devour.

The wicked has decided to invent violence – raging violence; the earthly terrain is combining with the marine in the realm of the spirit and in the realm of darkness; and they shall shake the earth with a lot of calamities, but I the Lord will preserve and protect My people, saith the Spirit of grace. For I have entered into the earth realm – the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and I will not allow My heritage to be taken by the devil.

Now, because of the display of much power from the kingdom of God to displace the kingdom of darkness, take over territories, save, deliver and take back God’s heritage, the kingdom of darkness will react by strong violence and killings, saith the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty. There is going to be onslaught of killings and devouring pestilences that the enemy is already staging against the earth. The earth shall wail. The earth will be in a rage. There will be tempest; unfolding tempest in the atmosphere because there is going to be a greater level of shaking. There will be shakings across the nations.

But hold the fort and fear not for I am with you. I will secure you. I will secure you like a band in My hand; I will make you My royal diadem in My hand to establish you because a weight of glory is coming upon you, says the Lord. But My people should awake, awake to My Spirit, awake to My voice and don’t be dismayed.

The depth of Mysteries of Babylon shall be unfolded. They shall have nowhere to hide. And they shall bow because their power shall be made futile; and they shall not prosper in their enchantment, says the Spirit of God. [This means many people have been going through enchantment – think about yourself and your household.]

Draw nearer to Me and worship Me that I may be glorified in the earth, for I will save, I will protect, I will defend, I will overthrow, I will defeat, I will destroy the power of darkness, saith the Spirit. I will overthrow territories; I will do this by My will.

By My will, there shall be overturning of nations – some kings shall be removed from their positions (Isaiah 22: 25). Yes, no matter how firmly they were established, they shall be taken away. In the next twelve months, you will see a dimension of moves that you have never seen upon the earth. For the earth will wail; the earth will wail and the wonders of the spirit will be in dilemma to many people, for they shall not know between the truth and darkness, which power is in force; but I have sent you forth to go and release understanding unto them; that there is a counter power from the heavenly that has entered into the earth, that stirred up the power of darkness and in defence, they are doing what they are doing; but I have subdued them. I will put them under checkmate, saith the Spirit of God and My glory shall be revealed.

In those secret places where My name was not known, My name shall be known for many shall come to know Me. Every shaking in this year is to bring Glory and to bring many to My glory, saith the Spirit of grace. I have spoken; I am God in the midst of you.



Fire – Many key Babylonian business organizations and worldly enterprises shall fall by fire – they shall be burnt down. The Lord said to me clearly that many Chinese and Indian businesses, companies and organizations built based on (Laughing) Buddha – the god of money shall be burnt down in year 2018, with mighty infernos and no one shall be able to put off the fire. God said, “I will wreck down the Mystery of Babylon the Great with fire within the next 12 months; I will free My people from captivity in Babylon the Great, and will give My people a new hope, that is not dependent on this world’s Babylonian economic system”.

Wind and Rain – There shall be tempestuous wind and rains, hence, there will be flood in many parts of the world (including where floods and hurricane were never mentioned).

Falling Stars and Kings – Many worldly stars (in entertainment, music, and businesses) shall fall and many violently killed; some kings shall be overthrown and removed. Some minsters (pastors) that do not stand for the truth shall die. Many new stars and kings that are God fearing shall arise, says the Lord.

USA – God has granted Trump a presidential ticket to run for second term. But believers should pray for Melania Trump, (the wife of Trump), for mercy to be granted her to live, otherwise, she will die in year 2018.



This new season is a season of “Great Expectation”. Avoid expecting evil – expect something good and something good shall happen to you. Let your hope go up; don’t lower it down nor be discouraged because of what you have been through or heard and seen from others. Hope is confident expectation of good things. Whatever you hope for shall be granted you, whether evil or good (Proverbs 23: 18). Therefore, begin to expect good things form God this season – Help has come to Zion, to God’s people here on earth.

Great Harvests – Every of our work must be guided by the harvest that we expect, for God shall exceed your expectation. There will be great harvests of souls and other goods – remember, harvest is always tied to your seed.

ACCELERATION – There will be speed, rapidity and acceleration given to His people on earth – speed in hearing the voice of the Spirit, understanding, interpreting, acting and receiving results. It is a season of “no more delay”. There will be no more delay in answering prayers – the prayers of the elect, the oppressed and the destitute, says the Spirit.

OUTPOURING – There shall be a mighty outpouring and rush unto the earth realm from heaven. There will be sudden rush for deliverances, sudden miracles and sudden outpouring of His Spirit, power, love, mercy and blessings at the outcry and prayer of My people, says the Lord. I saw also the outpouring of household blessings.

The Rain – There shall be rains of grace and wisdom, all at the same time, for that is the next round of spiritual rain that shall hit the earth. Many shall be drenched by My rain of grace and wisdom, says the Lord to His people. The true children of God shall increase in wisdom and know what to do – there shall not be given to deception nor satanic manipulations.

The Wind – The wind of love, grace and wisdom is blowing: These are the winds of the Lord’s Glory.  It is a season of love and profound hatred, but do not yield yourself to the wind of hatred, for many ministers shall be taken captive by the wind of hatred, which shall rest upon the earth, strong and mighty wind of hatred, says the Lord.

The Spring Season – A season of coming back to life. New things are going to spring forth: marriages, businesses, ministries. Things that were near dead shall come back to life. Many new things shall spring forth.

The Sound:  There are sounds from heaven to the earth for God’s people: the sounds of Glory, Abundance and Mercy (- mercy means: help, lovingkindness and faithfulness). It is a season for the prosperity of the saints through divine mercy, grace and wisdom.


  • Praise and Pray – this the sound from the earth to draw heavenly attention for God to respond speedily with a heavier weight of glory to you.
  • Embrace the music of the Spirit, which is love, prayer, mercy and grace, sung in the spirit and in the language of the Spirit. When you embrace this music, you become the chosen of the Lord.
  • Be enabled by God’s rain and wind to climb the 5-steps ladder of Glory.
  • Be part of God’s Glory Army that God is raising over the earth, to declare His counsel and take back God’s heritage, from the camp of the wicked.

You have been informed, please share this with others; friends, relatives, co-workers, christians and none christians. May the wisdom of God guide and preserve you in Jesus’ name!

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