You Are Light: Rule

The Lord Jesus says, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid” (Matthew 5: 14).

Precious saint, in this month of Light and Dominion, God is calling you to be awakened to the fact that “You are the light of this world” (Matthew 5: 14). Jesus had said to His disciples of old, “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world” (John 9: 5). Now, He is in heaven (literally), and has made you the light of your world. Very hardly do Christians call themselves the light of the world. It is easier for us to call ourselves the children of God and not the light of this world. But light is what we really are. The true image of Christ in us as born-again believers is light. Intentionally, Christ has made us the light of this world for a purpose. When you are not spiritually awakened to this truth, this dark world can cover you, challenge you and if you are not careful, destroy you.

Do you know that all the battles people are fighting in this world are battles between light and darkness? Be it health, financial, marital, political or social battles – is all about light and darkness. Think about this and gain understanding. By God’s original order, light was created to rule over darkness. It is written, “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night” (Genesis 1: 16). Christ is the greater light and you and I are the lesser light. Our responsibility is to rule over the night – over this dark world (Ephesians 6: 12). Therefore, be awaken to your rulership and leadership role; lead your world out of darkness and exercise dominion over the vices of this dark world – over sicknesses, death, lack, depression, hatred, unforgiveness and many more; that is your calling. Until you are awakened to be the light that you are, you cannot manifest. Be awakened today; then, arise and shine (Isaiah 60: 1). Is your season to shine and have dominion over the earth realm. That is the Lord’s message to you.

Notice, the lesser light is to rule over the night: the lesser your light is, the more nights (or darkness) you have to contend with. Does this explain why you may be passing through difficult times and too many challenges? Is like you are left with no option than to dig deeper in Christ and make your light brighter. This wisdom is rare amongst Christians but you now have it. There is power in your little light and it becomes even more powerful as it gets brighter. Therefore, be awakened to being a brighter light and you will certainly have less nights/ darkness to embattle with. Light is the solution to this world – you are the solution to this world: the whole creation is waiting for your manifestation (Romans 8: 19). See how in this link titled Glory Posts or by clicking the picture Manifest THE LIGHT.

May the Lord brighten your month and give you dominion over the challenges of this time as you are spiritually awakened to shine your light brighter and brighter: start with prayers and dig deeper in the word of God to see what Christ our example did as the Light of the world when He was here. 


  1. Read and meditate on Psalms 119: 130: Pray to become a brighter light by developing more appetite for the word of God.
  2. Read and meditate on Psalms 119: 105 – Get a word every day to illuminate your path and your day; you will see the way out of your present life’s challenge. Rise up every morning and spend time praying like Jesus did (Mark 1: 35 – 36).
  3. We have just launched a new blog on Bishop Oden Ministries website: We have some wonderful posts on the Glory Post page. Please, explore and leave us comments.
  4. You are blessed and highly favoured: Jesus Loves You & We Care!

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